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The race driver's massage  

Who else can understand the driver's needs better than a driver?
Giorgio Saccenti is a former race car driver (motocross1977-78/ karting1978-80/ car racing 1980-1994) and after he turned off his racing career, he stepped into Massage & Wellness job in 1994. He worked and studied full time about Massage & Wellness until 2003 when was asked to restart as Safe & Sport driving instructor for a new challenge.

Since then he divided his time in both jobs ! Actually, he worked and still works part time free lance as instructor and test driver even at Dekra for Maserati and Ferrari as clientele, and at official Ford Driving University, other than as masseur and "remise en forme trainer".

Due to the background above, he deeply knows and understands (probably better than the others) the driver's needs and mood even when they are under pressure during the racing week end (as he experienced the same situations on himself). This is why Giorgio decided to put the experience gained in both fields available to race car drivers straight in the paddok.

Usually massage treats the whole body, although there may be some exceptions. It is "western Swedish style" (No Shiatsu or similar), both sweet, "deep tissue "or "trigger points" when necessary.

What is SCHIENASANA® ? Schienasana® means "Healthy Back" and it is a Giorgio Saccenti's owned trademark since 2001. It is a relaxing treatments to keep in good shape the back and neck, which are extremely important for the drivers because they are largely undergoing to continuos work and bio-mechanical stress. It consists of a sequence of combined and assisted exercises of breathing and stretching integrated with specifical "tailor made" massage strokes.

Attention : Schienasana® is Not a therapeutic or rehabilitation treatment, even though relief from tension and stiffness, in addiction to the muscular and bioenergetic rebalancing, often makes pain decreasing or desappearing. In other words, Schienasana® does Not Treat Pathologies but helps to live better !

Please, do not hesitate to contact Giorgio Saccenti for further information.

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